Pilgrimage 2018

Pilgrimage 2018

Rest StopWelcome to Pilgrimage 2018. I really hope that this page will answer any questions you have on our pilgrimage for this year. The first question is:

What is a Pilgrimage?

This will be the fourth pilgrimage I have taken part in. One definition I have heard is that a pilgrimage is ‘A walk with a spiritual aim’. But this suggests that the most important thing is completing the walk, having a destination. While most pilgrimages have a religious destination I have found that the walk itself is also really important. So my definition is:

A Pilgrimage is a walk with God.

We will end this walk at the beautiful and historic Winchester Cathedral. But along the way we will find God in prayers during the day, in conversations and shared experiences with our fellow walkers and in the beauty of the natural world.

It is a chance to slow down to more natural rhythms. The rhythms of walking feet, of countryside unfolding and of unhurried conversations and let God come to us.

Where will we walk?

We will start at Devil’s Dyke on the South downs. The walk will be in 5 day sections of about 13 miles each. But there will be shorter options (of about 5 miles) each day. Ending in Winchester. The days are:

  1. Devil’s Dyke to Amberly – 17 miles (although we will arrange for a pickup at about 12 miles for anyone who needs it)
  2. Amberly to Cocking – 12 miles
  3. Cocking to Buriton – 11 miles
  4. Buriton to Exton – 13 miles
  5. Exton to Winchester – 12 miles

When is it?

Starting on Saturday the 11th of August 2018 at 9am. Ending on the 15th. It will be possible to stay for the final night at Winchester as well. But you can do as much or as little as you like.


We will be staying in modest hotels or B & Bs and eating in pubs or restaurants. The aim will be to be comfortable but not extravagant. Cost will be about £80 per night including meals

Will I need any special equipment?

A good pair of worn in walking boots (buy them now if you don’t have any). A good waterproof coat and a backpack to carry sandwiches and spare food. Some people like to take waterproof trousers but I prefer a pair of quick drying walking trousers. You don’t need a lot of clothes, we will all be a bit grubby by the end!

Will there be any training needed?

Unless you are quite fit to start off with I would say yes. I will be organising a series of walks to encourage us all to get fitter. If you feel you cannot manage 13 miles and would still like to come we will be able to arrange shorter walks of about 5 or 6 miles.

Will I need to carry everything?

Definitely not! Your luggage will be taken by car from one hotel to another. But there will be limited space so don’t pack too much.

When will I need to decide?

By the end of February. This seems like a long way in advance but there needs to be time to secure accommodation I will be asking for a deposit to secure your place on the pilgrimage.

And what do I do next?

If you definitely want to come please let me know. You can contact me directly or through the comment form below. Also if you would like more information I’m happy to discuss any details.


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