Pilgrimage Diary – Shrove Tuesday

When I started this blog I never meant it to be a personal diary. I have never kept a diary so why start now? But in about a month a group of us will be walking from Reigate to Canterbury. A distance of just over 80 miles. So it seems right to record the journey to the pilgrimage as well as the event itself. I’m going to try to write something every day, however short.

So, how do I feel at the moment? Exhausted, stretched too thin, very glad to be giving up work in two weeks time. At the moment I am driving west every evening, almost along the route we will be walking. Last night I drove into huge rainclouds, with Dire Straits on the CD player. Then, when I reached Reigate Hill, the cloud broke up. This has been a very strange way to leave a job. Everyone has been very sweet and supportive which is nice and I don’t have any doubts about where I’m going. An unusual aspect of this company is that the owner sends out e-mails with words of wisdom and quotes. He seems to favour L. Ron Hubbard which is interesting. So, in the spirit of this blog my quote is a book title:

If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat (By John Ortberg)