Pilgrimage Diary – Walking

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Today is Wednesday but I’ve been too busy to show these of our beautiful walk on Sunday. I really enjoyed the first bit. Our teenage daughter came with us and we were chatting about cooking and other things. But we were going a bit slowly for her. ‘Its a bit monotonous, ‘ she said. ‘That’s sort of the point of walking,’ I replied. It was a beautiful spring day with the leaves just beginning to bud on the trees.

Later I went to church. To be honest I was too tired to really engage. The text was from John 3. This is one of the key passages in the whole of Christian thinking. It hinges on the idea of being ‘Born again’ or ‘Born of the spirit’.

Now the problem with this is not everyone is. The preacher himself admitted that this had never happened to him. And it is more a matter of need rather than merit. You can be a very good, kind person and never be born in the spirit. You can be a pretty awful, mixed up person and it can happen quite suddenly. The extreme example of this is Paul, on the road to Damascus. Its all a bit unfair really but typical of Jesus. The sick get the doctor and the healthy look on. When I’ve finished working (only three more days!) and have more time I’m going to go into this a bit more but this is all I have time for now.