Pilgrimage Diary – Not working

Me 1Today is my first day not working. There were times when I really did feel like the picture. A strange and rather wonderful sense of space. The spring flowers are everywhere, although no tulips yet (did I mention the tulips? I’ll get back to that). There were some things that should have been frustrating but weren’t: Meeting up with a friend cancelled, a very slow queue in the supermarket.

My original blog readers must be getting a bit frustrated because I haven’t done a book review in ages. I have been reading ‘A New kind of Christianity’ by Brian McLaren. There are some great ideas but I think it says a lot about the state of the church in the USA. We do moan about our rather meek and mild Church of England but maybe its not so bad after all! But he has some great ideas about Heaven, Hell and how we have got it wrong. Watch this space for more details.