New Year, New Pilgrimage

Misty Walk

We had a very strange walk yesterday. A thick fog had come down onto the country and it just felt like the dead end of winter. I felt a strange sense of dislocation with no idea of where we were and no visual clues beyond what we could see 30 metres ahead.

This time of year is odd. We are constantly being told to ‘make resolutions’ and ‘look ahead’. Yet I can honestly say that I don’t know what this year will bring. Like the walk I’m taking things one instruction at a time.

And there was no colour in the landscape. Only a dull brown and green. In a month or so there will be snowdrops and crocuses but even the Christmas lights are packed away now.

Dark WalkI took this picture about an hour before we finished. Luckily it was quite a clear path and not too muddy. Every now and then the lights of a house would be visible in the darkness. Husband and me joked that we could knock on the door and find ourselves in a ‘murder mystery’.

So, what is on the horizon this year? A new job in a couple of weeks time, A new pilgrimage in April (this time from Reigate to Winchester) and a swimming holiday in Croatia. New Year resolutions are:

  • Blog more
  • Paint more
  • Worry Less

That’ll do.