Lent Diary: Sugar free blues

IMG_0725Mood is a very odd thing. I have definitely been in a low mood the last couple of days. Is this an effect of the change in my diet? Also, I have noticed I’m feeling ‘hungry’ a couple of hours after a meal, even though I’m eating more at meal times. I’ve put the word hungry in quotes because I’m not really sure I know what hunger really is.

One of the strangest things to be discovered recently is that the gut has its own nervous system. This acts independently but communicates and influences the brain in our head. So my gut could really be complaining and causing the change in mood.

On Wednesday we went to the Ash Wednesday service at the Church. As usual it was lovely, quiet and reflective. Most of the songs we sang were the same as the ones we sing on Sunday evening but slowed down by about 50%. This was  bit unnerving and I was standing behind one of the best singers in the church so worried I would sing the wrong notes. But we sang one of my favourites: ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind’. I like the verse:

O Sabbath rest by Galilee!
O calm of hills above,
where Jesus knelt to share with thee
the silence of eternity
interpreted by love!
interpreted by love!

I’ve never been to Galilee but we are surrounded by hills here. Even in winter they are peaceful. Not really silent with the sound of the motorway and planes overhead but I love them. The picture is a view from the top of Reigate Hill, just before Christmas