Headley Heath and the Grand Ride

Rare Heathland, woodland and a grassy ride.

Headley Heath has always been a bit of challenge for us. With so many paths we have struggled to find a reliable walk to take people on. So, when we practiced this walk, we had a book, a map and a compass to make sure we were going the right way. The result is a walk with a lot of interest. We start at the main Headley Heath Car Park and head over the rare landscape of the Heath. After climbing past the ‘High Ashurst’ activity centre we walk through a forest of Box Trees with strange green/yellow trunks.

One of the highlights of the walk was a beautiful, wide, grassy ride. Altogether, a walk worth doing.

Walk Details

Date and Time: 18th of March, 2pm

Starting point: Headley Heath, Headley Common Rd, Headley, Epsom KT18 6NN

Distance: 5 miles

Notes: Make sure you are at the main car park. This is a large car park opposite the small cricket ground. This is a National Trust Car Park. If you are not a member then you will have to pay Parking charges. Mostly an easy walk but there are some short steep slopes up and down and narrow stony paths. There are cattle on Headley Heath and horses towards the end of the walk.

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