Pilgrimage diary March 6th

IMG_0127The usual rush to church last night for Ash Wednesday. I took this slightly wonky photo of the church, all lit up. The word penitence came up quite a lot and I had a think about my sins. I had a row with my teenage daughter this morning but I think all mums do some of the time. We seem to be OK again now. I’m struggling with one of my colleagues. IT is an unforgiving profession. The most annoying thing is to pretend you know what is what when you don’t. I’ve managed to keep calm by not talking to him very much but that is hardly a Christian way to act.

The list of what I haven’t done that I should have done is enormous. ‘Sins of Omission’ the old confession calls them. Is each one of them a sin? I hope not or I’m done for.

The word ‘righteous’ came up quite a lot. I quite like this word. My internal translation is ‘at right angles to’. I imagine a well fitting joint, a book sitting on a well made shelf, a bottom sitting on a comfortable chair. In that sense I’m not apart from God, but the joint is rattling a bit, the book is leaning at 45 degrees. With just over a week left of work I’m handing stuff over, getting other people to take responsibility. Because our computers are managed by another company there are a whole lot of people I work with that I’ve never seen. I had a long chat with one of them, Kevin, about my work break. He had done something similar to travel in North America. I explained that this was a sort of spiritual journey, but I wasn’t sure where it would lead. I’m amazed how encouraging and receptive people are.

I cooked a sausage casserole tonight and I’m going to sit down and watch telly with Lucy. More tomorrow.