Pilgrimage Diary 7th March

North DownsWhen we did our practice walk I took this picture looking towards Dorking from St Martha’s Church. It was a cold but beautiful day, until the hail came down later in the afternoon.

Lent always brings out interesting conversations in the office. We have been talking about prayer. I think we are very fortunate to be able to pray so freely and however we want really. And one of the Christians is fasting every day, just eating after 6. I’m really impressed. It makes my efforts to give up cakes and chocolate quite trivial. But then, as I said there are only two rules: Love God and Love each other. Lots of answers to prayer today. I’m hoping we have found a replacement for me and I feel I’m on much better terms with the person I wasn’t getting on with earlier in the week.

Quote for today from ‘A new kind of Christianity’ by Brian McClaren:

(We see) the Age of the Spirit, an approach to Christian faith that tries to preserve the treasures of previous eras an face and embrace the challenges of the twenty-first century. So something is happening. Something is afoot. A change is in the wind.